Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Return of kidsREAD! 1 July 2006

kidsREAD will resume on 1 July 2006 with MORE books, MORE volunteers and the most important element, MORE fun! :-)

We are gearing up to see the children again for the weekly hour long session of story-reading, craft activities and games. Hwee Min has informed us of the additional resources being provided for the next of 2006 which includes more big cover books, story books provided by the National Library Board as well as some young enthusiastic JC volunteers to help sustain us for the next 20+ weekends.

For the next half-of the year, I will concentrate more on story-telling once every month as well as to introduce more word games to the children so that they can associate learning reading and English as FUN and not another academic topic they have to learn. Capturing the attention span of 7-8 year olds is still a challenge without resorting to screaming at them and scolding them *sigh*. I am so glad I am not a primary school teacher!

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