Monday, April 23, 2007

Kumquats and Seasons

Date: 21 April 2007 (Saturday)
Volunteers: YJ, K, A, myself
Children: 6/10 (4 absent: YZ - school, Az, Z, C)

It's nearing the mid-terms and some of the children were unable to make it for the class. I read the book, "The Golden Kumquat Tree" by Anne Smith to the children and it was a book that I could use to talk about the 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) as well as some Lunar New Year festivities. The in-coming coordinator MQ remarked that our children are generally well-behaved. :-) I concur with her view and not only are the children in our class generally very well-behaved and obedient, they are also very cute and photogenic. :-)))

Next Saturday will see us taking a break as the National Library Board is organising a kidsREAD volunteers' appreciation event at Geylang East Library and this would be a chance to meet up with fellow kidsREAD volunteers from other centres and locations. I am glad to have attended this session as I thought it would help me relax and let my mind not worry about the speech contest that was happening later. Fortunately, I managed to place 1st in the Table-Topics Contest and I credit kidsREAD volunteering in helping me improve my vocal variety because reading to children requires one to practice varying one's volume, pitch, speed and enunciation.

Will see the class again on 5 May after the May Day holidays.

k is for kidsREAD. :-)

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