Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2nd Anniversary Celebrations for kidsREAD organised on 23 April 2006

I was tasked with bringing the magnificent seven children from JSSC-kidsREAD all the way from the west to the spanking new National Library at Bras Basah for the 2nd Anniversary Celebrations for kidsREAD organised on 23 April 2006 for kidsREAD children and volunteers from all over Singapore.

The feedback from the children was that it was boring except for the bits where a magician came on to entertain them as well as the balloon sculpture given out by the nice lady. However, many little hearts were a bit sad that despite them raising their hands umpteen times, they did not manage to be picked for the free balloon sculpture.

Ms. Lim Hwee Hua came to speak about the kidsREAD programme but other than the NLB and other invited guests sitting in front, not many of the children were interested in her speech. At least none of my seven charges were keen and I do not blame them. Trying to get my children interested in a nicely illustrated storybook is already a challenge what more a full-blown ministerial speech that even adults may find it tough to listen with unbridled enthusiasm.

The goodie bag distributed at the event was good though. They gave out finger puppets of sea creatures (crab, fish, seahorse), lexan type small water bottles, a story book, notepad and pencil and a kidsREAD handy bag to keep all the goodies together. :-)

It appears that this event has also generated more inquiries and parents' interest in signing up their children for kidsREAD at our centre. That is certainly good news but we also need more volunteers to help with the programme. As it is, I feel that my 1 volunteer split among my class of 5-7 children does not give them the sufficient attention.

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